Vintage Classics Collection CD
Business Use Version License

The Stock Solution grants to the purchaser of this disk (Vintage Classics Collection) the license to use any image on this disk for any print or electronic use. The period of use granted is unlimited.

This license from The Stock Solution carries the following use restrictions:
  1. The licensee cannot sell or transfer the use of any image on this disk to any third party that would use the image(s) for use in any other collection that is sold or distributed.
  2. The licensee cannot include more than ten (10) images from this disk on a World Wide Web site at any one time. Any images reproduced on the Web are restricted to an image size that is no more than one-half the current image size on this disk, which has an average image size of 1024 x 768 pixels. This means that Web reproduction is restricted to a maximum size of about 512 x 384 pixels. The purpose of this restriction is to prevent the free distribution of the Vintage Classics Collection via the World Wide Web.

© Copyright The Stock Solution MMI
Individual Images: © ChipPix MMI and © The Stock Solution MMI