Free Vintage Christmas Clip Art

ACHR1046-christmas-scene_288p ACHR1054b-happy-christmas-girl_288p ACHR1047_christmas-outdoors_288p ACHR1048-bells-holly-mistletoe_288p ACHR1049-christmas-giving_288p ACHR1050_christmas-song-birds_288 ACHR1051_country-christmas_288px ACHR1052-dancing-around-tree_288p ACHR1053-rural-christmas-scenic_288

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7 thoughts on “Free Vintage Christmas Clip Art”

  1. Thank you so very much for the Christmas images. They are lovely and I appreciate them so very much. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  2. These are cool images! I love the children-themed cards. I’d like to “Thank You” for sharing them and to tell you “Happy Holidays”, too. Next week, this same time, it will all be behind us.

    Enjoy the Holidays,


  3. I have just by accidently ran across your web page an really like it , i am a littly old ,> 57. years 10.22.1953 libra. and twin brother . the free clip art great.but do you have more? todown load .. the free is great since the enconomy is so bad! we are all just trying to make it and it don”t look the the end is close. even our gran- children will bepaying for this and there children. the united states is realy going back wards. the AMISH are the only ones that are going to make it, well i have said plenty . Mr. Larry G. Johnson. 4143 s. warren Rd. Huntington In. 46750. Now divorced TOO. 2 years.going to college on line learning these computers!

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